The Build A Blog In 30 Days ebooks were designed to make creating your blog easy and quick!   Everything you would ever need to know about creating your blog from concept to publish is covered in this daily task style workbook.  Whether you are looking to start a personal blog or wanting to implement blogging into your business marketing strategy there is a version that suits your needs.

Build A Blog Cover             Build A Blog Cover Business Edition

Build A Blog In 30 Days                                                                     Build A Blog In 30 Days

(personal blog edition)                                                                       (business blog edition)

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Topics covered are: Defining your “Why”, Who is your “reader/customer”, Finding a domain, Social media handle selection, Tips for working with a graphic designer, Blogging ethics, Content creation, Secret Pinterest inspiration boards, Building a community, Finding a tribe, Product/Photography staging, Launch week preparation, Blogging keyword glossary and much more!